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Aluminum HEMI Engines

Many of our customers want to know more about Aluminum HEMI engines.

This page will have some pictures of recent aluminum HEMIs we've built and give you some more information about aluminum block HEMIs.

If you want a list of Pros and Cons then click HERE.

Another characteristic of aluminum blocks is that they expand more when hot.  Therefore the range of cold to hot oil pressure will be wider.  This expansion also affects valve lash.  Now all solid cam and solid rollers specify to set the valve lash "hot", but some people, who don't like setting valves on a hot engine, assume that the cold settings should be about 5 thou tighter.  You cannot assume this with an aluminum block!  The cold to hot valve lash will change more on an aluminum engine, so all valve lash settings must be done HOT!  And if hydraulic lifters are used, set the preload a little tighter at about 1 to 1 1/2 turn to compensate for the expansion.

Finished KB HEMI

Nice little KB stroker HEMI

Aluminum HEMI with new Stage-V dual inline manifold

Carburetors are dual Demons.